Reviews of Division Wickerwash, Inc

Ashley A.  |  5/5 Stars
Fantastic spot!  Always a stand up job. Monday’s are customer appreciation day with $3 off and Wednesday is ladies day!  Fantastic!!!
Julie K.  |  5/5 Stars
My car always comes out spot clean. They don’t over charge and they do a great job and don’t lag unnecessarily. You can grab a cup of coffee right next door at wicker basket cafe and they’ll be done before you finish your cup of coffee 🙂 huge fan!Andre W.  |  5/5 Stars
My car was filthy as hell and it needed to be taken care of desperately! It had bird $hit and major dust all over the place! I always remember driving past this place, so it of course it was the first place that came to mind.Drove right up and the guys were standing right there waiting on my filth on wheels. They told me the total package for inside and outside cleansing was $14. Nice deal! It took about 10 minutes and I was on my way.I am now proud to drive my vehicle again!Kara K.  |  4/5 Stars
This is my go-to car wash for a quick and pretty thorough hand wash. The guys are friendly and the cool-ass manager, who I call Justin Timberlake ‘cuz that’s who he looks like, is usually sporting a fresh hickey or two on his neck.

Sometimes I have to point out a few spots they missed but for a $10 “deluxe” wash, I really can’t complain. Be sure to ask for the Friday Nights air freshener–it smells REALLY good